Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

So, I've never been real big into St. Patrick's Day...I remember as a little girl my mom making us green eggs for breakfast and reading the book, "Green Eggs and Ham" (we had green shamrock pancakes this morning...well, I guess me and Carter did...Jemma still wanted Mickey and Minnie :) But now that I have kids, every holiday seems to mean a little bit more...any excuse to celebrate is taken advantage of. So...we put together a little shin-dig for some of our friends in the area... nothing like stringing Fruit-Loops on yarn, decorating cupcakes and t-shirts and making one big mess! I hope all those who came had a good time...I know me and the kids did! :o)
Jemma working on her t-shirt...much to my dismay, she wanted very little supervision. I guess Carter filled that role...with Jemma, he is ever so attentive.

Friends: Jenny, Eli and Emma with Jemma...THANKS for being the Only one to look at the camera Jenny!!! :)

Jemma and Carter's finished T's...I'm still getting a hold of the whole "boy thing". I guess I could have been a little more creative than shapes...oh well...there is a little yellow chubby hand print in the middle...kinda hard to make out...whatever!

Carter and his friend Reagan. I love when babies hang out together! So cute...until they get interested in each others EYES!

Happy St. Patty's Day!


Kristina said...

Hey, you did an awesome job putting the whole things together, you're amazing! My kids had so much fun. I think Reagan and Carter had fun crawling around together too.

Eric & Jewels said...

It looks like your St. Patrick's party was a hit! Jemma looked like she was really enjoying decorating her t-shirt and the picture of Carter where he's got a huge smile is super cute.

Sharee and Arthur said...

Wow, Jen! How fun! Did you guys do it at the church? Arthur and I were out of town and I totally forgot about St. Patricks day because I lost track of what day it was. (that's kind of nice, sometimes . . .) Anyway, it looked like tons of fun! Good job!

Sharee and Arthur said...

p.s. I forgot to say how cute your kids look in their St. Patty's day green! They are darling and Daphne just told me that she'd really like to play with Jemma at Jemma's house.

The Beals said...

Hey! Cute pictures, your kids are getting so big. That was a fun idea to decorate shirts!