Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just a few of my FaVoRiTe shots from the last month...or two or three!


Man, he's growing up so fast! We're already prepping him for his driving permit! :o)

This bottle is his most favorite bath toy. We can't get a shot of him without it!!!
At the beach. He really loves to be outdoors!!!
Goin' for a ride at the Portland Zoo. (We are "official members now...Jemma and I even have special cards to get in and out of the park! Oh, how we love the animals!...especially the baby elephant and the tigers.)

Jemma and Carter on Halloween. A lot of folks thought Carter was a lamb, but he was actually a little bunny, the idea was for him to be one of "Snow White's" forest friends. Oh well. They both looked AdOrAbLe!!!

One morning, Jemma and Carter were just chillin' on the couch together, and he seriously couldn't take his eyes off of Jemma...always a very serious expression...must have been wondering how he got so lucky and ended up with such a super big sister! :o)

Jemma all geared up for the snow. We got a TON over the last 3 or 4 days, but that didn't keep us inside!

Brandon and Jemma headed out on a walk in...the snow...whatelse!

Jemma at the Zoo.

Jemma is a fearless little explorer when it comes to the outdoors. I sure wish it made her half as nervous as it makes me to be far from the rest of the family. Here's ione of her and the stick she found on the beach.

Our little family on the beach at Seaside, Oregon.

Just a fun fall photo...Thanks Jewels and Eric for taking it for us! We can't wait to see you again over Christmas!


Valerie said...

your family is so adorable!!! i love the picture of your kids looking at eachother! i have a million of my kids like that & it just melts my heart!!! =)

Sharee and Arthur said...

Oh hurray! new pictures! You guys all look great. I love those two family pics-the one on the beach and the fall one. They are both very "frameable." I can't believe how big Carter is getting! He and Jemma are so darling. We can't wait to see you guys in a few days!!!!

MarshandKrissy said...

Your kids are so cute--well, your whole family is so cute! I'm jealous you got to enjoy snow--

April said...

what a cute picture!

Randrea said...

Hey guys! This is Andrea and Randall from your old ward (Bishop Samuelson) at BYU-I. We found your blog and thought it was so cool to see your family! Your kids are so cute!! Jemma has gotten so big and your little boy is adorable!! We have a blog
We would love to keep in touch!

Megan Marie said...

I love your beach picture. You are such a cute family.