Friday, February 1, 2008

One of Jemma's favorite foods is ORANGES! Lately, when she eats them, she puts the whole thing in her mouth and gives a big grin before separating the peel from the fruit...just like I did when I was a kid! I seem to be doing it a lot more lately...we just have too much fun when we eat! :o)


J&A said...

Your sister, Sharee, commented on my blog so I checked hers out...and it led me to yours. How fun! It's so fun to see pictures of you & your family. Your daughter is ADORABLE! Keep in touch (was that totally high school, or what?)

Gariety Family said...

Hi Jenny.
I love those orange pictures. They are so fun. Remember when Julianne got in trouble at her preschool for eating oranges like that? Gimme a break. love you!

Brian, Natalie, & Kyrie said...

I haven't been called nat splat in while. It was refreshing! Just like those oranges! Those pictures are way too cute. love you!

Brian, Natalie, & Kyrie said...

People actually look at our blog? JK... Hope everything is good up there. I sure wish I was still in the cool walking between buildings.... NOT... Hey Brandon, how did your test go???? later all'ya all

Loves from da ville.