Saturday, April 19, 2008

Growing Girl!

We just can't believe how grown-up Jemma is looking these days. I can even fit her hair back in braids!! (Those of you who really know Jemma, know that she didn't even have enough hair for a pigtail when she was ONE!) We took this picture of Jemma last Sunday before we went on a walk (in the rarely enjoyed sunshine here in "Iceburg") and just had to put it on here so you could see what a big girl she is becoming! Enjoy!

These Boots Were Made for Walkin'!

These pics are actually from conference weekend, but we've been between internet services for the last week or two, so we apoligize for the lack of updated information/pics, etc. for the last little while. Saturday morning when Jemma and I were just hangin' out waiting for General Conference to start (our church broadcasts religious services semi-annually where we listen to the general leadership of the church; this is termed General Conference) Jemma came out of our bedroom wearing my boots!

How she even got them on in the first place is beyond me! Brandon was gone to Oregon interviewing for Optometry School, so I had to take pictures and show him when he got back. I laughed at the initial experience, and Brandon and I have shared many laughs over these photos since!