Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thanks to some friends in the ward and in Brandon's Optometry Class, we were able to get some photos on here...FINALLY!! So, it's not our camera, or our's the school's server! LAME and a half. Anyway, I just though I'd put a few highlight from the last month or so...

Portland Temple trip with the kiddos! Jemma LOVED the water features...she keeps asking to go back and see the "Big water".

The Portland Zoo was fun too...we saw a baby elephant that was only 17 days old...SUPER tiny (for an elephant) and so cute. Jemma keeps asking to go back there too. Next $2 tuesday, we'll be there!

I've never seen hippos out of the water before...kinda funny!
Ice cream at the Tillimok Cheese Factory...soooo delicious! We've started buying their sour cream and ice cream, along with their cheese (which we've always been big fans of) since our visit to their factory.

Well, I now feel like I'm up-to-date and on top of things since I have NEW PHOTOS on the blog! We've got three weeks down and many to go, but we're enjoying our time here so far and making lots of friends.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Still Sorry!

So, I just wanted to say that we are still around...we've decided that there may be something wrong with our camera or the way the pictures are being identified because we've tried multiple computers now and none will allow us to upload pics...kinda weird...Sorry we've been so lame with the whole blogging thing. We sure miss it! Maybe someday we'll get it figured out and be able to put photos on again.
Anyway, we are staying very busy here in Oregon. Me and the kids went to the Portland Zoo on Tuesday with 7 other moms and their kids and even took the Max...the local train was an adventure. Brandon stays busier than we both would like with school, but we can't believe we've already finished his third week, so that's a good sign!
Well, we'll keep trying to get some shots of the kiddos on here...they are both constantly changing and we love them both TONS! Like I always say, we feel so blessed to have them in our family and part of our lives.